It’s official that I had ended my very pleasant and amazing 1-year sabbatical leave in IBM TJ Watson Research Center, New York, as the Visiting Scientist. I did learn a lot from the Watson’s AI developments dedicated to enterprise solutions and feel proud to contribute for Watson’s future developments.

I am so grateful to work with Dr. John Smith, Dr. Benoit Huet, and Dr. Dhiraj Joshi for the first AI-enabled movie trailer for “Morgan”. It’s our surprise that the impacts are so huge — the team are also recognized with 2016 IBM Research Image Award for the technology, industry, and media impacts. We also have the opportunity to meet with CEO and President, Ginni Rometty for our prominent performance. The project had shown the AI capability for numerous promising applications in the media industry. The work is also accepted for oral presentation [1] in the Brand New Idea (BNI) track in ACM Multimedia 2017, a top ACM conference, for its technical breakthrough.

It also my honor that the following research work — contextual understanding and prediction — can be treated as an emerging direction for IBM cognitive computing and included as the final candidates for IBM Global Technology Outlook (GTO), i.e., the coming 5-year direction. It is a huge recognition as a visiting scientist for the research department.

It’s my huge honor to work with the best team members in Computer Vision and Multimedia Department, IBM Watson: Matt HillRogerio FerisMichele MerlerChung-Ching LinNoel Codella, and many others. Our family are also grateful for the very warm friendships and care from C Eric Wu and IHsin Chung.

Every people and happening in IBM TJ Watson gave us a amazing year — 2016-2017. I had been solidly upgraded from what I was in 2016.

Even returning to Taipei for the summer break now, we will continue the collaboration with IBM Watson in many forms. For example, I will join a panel with the IBM VP next week for the IBM Technology Forum in Taipei organized by IBM Taiwan. Stay tuned for more details.

[1] John R. Smith, Dhiraj Joshi, Benoit Huet, Winston Hsu, and Zef Cota. Harnessing A.I. for Augmenting Creativity: Application to Movie Trailer Creation. ACM Multimedia 2017.


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