How to make a team of two dozens excellent students competitive and motivated? I am always wondering how my students will perceive for the life in the group after they graduate. It happened to me when seeing their acknowledge page for their thesis. Very interesting observations from what they appreciated. I found that those benefit them the most are (1) strong research engagements between the team members, (2) encouragement for the challenging research problems, (3) abundant computing resources, (4) quality time from the advisor.




更令我驚訝的是,從去年8月到IBM紐約Watson 研究中心進行一年的休假研究(sabbatical leave),溝通的工具轉換為slack以及hangout。發現團隊的productivity 反而變高了,有好幾件連我自己看了都相當驚艷的成果。



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August 20th, 2017

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