My quick and incomplete observations  in NVIDIA GTC 2017 keynote. CEO Jen-Hsun Huang had an amazing pitch for the almost two and half talk — quite impressed as usual.

The AI waves are strong and solid. The ecosystem is getting much better; there are numerous tools to help training and leaning easier. The new chip set V100 (with 12nm by TSMC) brings VREY HUGE improvement than P100. Check out the video for more details. For deployment, tensorRT makes deploying networks easier and more efficient. Toyota partners with NVIDIA. GPU instances are with huge demands in cloud services in Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS.

NVIDIA will get stronger.

After the keynote, I was able to talk to CEO Jensen shortly and thank him in person how grateful we are to have his kind supports (grants and DGX-1) for NVIDIA AI Lab.

I also let him know that in Taipei we have more promising companies and energetic researchers and engineers who are working hard to catch this opportunity.

More exciting things to come.

Note that I was in GTC 17 for a 50-min lecture for multimodal deep neural networks with Prof. 李宏毅. Also huge thanks to the many kind supports from NVIDIA Taiwan and especially Eric Chang.


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