John R Smith, Dhiraj Joshi, Benoit Huet, Winston Hsu, and Zef Cota
ACM Multimedia 2017
Publication year: 2017

In this paper, we describe the first-ever machine human collaboration at creating a  real movie trailer (officially released by 20th Century Fox). We introduce an intelligent system designed to understand and encode patterns and types of emotions in horror movies that are useful in trailers. We perform multi-modal semantics extraction including audio visual sentiments and scene analysis and employ a statistical approach to model the key defining components that characterize horror movie trailers. The system was applied on a full-length feature film, “Morgan” released in 2016 where the system identified 10 moments as best candidates for a trailer. We partnered with a professional filmmaker who arranged and edited each of the moments together to construct a comprehensive trailer completing the entire processing as well as the final trailer assembly within 24 hours. We discuss disruptive opportunities for the film industry and the tremendous media impact of the AI trailer. We confirm the effectiveness of our trailer with a very supportive user study. Finally based on our close interaction with the film industry, we also introduce and investigate the novel paradigm of tropes within the context of movies for advancing content creation.