Chieh-En Tsai, Hui-Lan Hsieh, Winston H. Hsu
ICASSP 2016: 2732-2736
Publication year: 2016

Nowadays, with the success and fast growth of social media communities and mobile devices, people are encouraged to share their multimedia data online. Analyzing and summarizing data into useful information thus becomes increasingly important. For online photo sharing services like Flickr, when users are uploading a batch of daily photos at a time, the tags users provided tend to be rather vague, containing only a small amount of information. For better photo application and understanding, we attempt to automatically discover semantic-rich (hidden) aspects of photos merely by looking at image contents. In this paper, we propose an effective model, which is a combination of LDA model and deep learning representations, to realize the idea of automatic aspect discovery. We then discuss the properties of this aspect discovery model through experiments on event summarization task. In those experiments, we show the high diversity and high quality of aspects discovered by our proposed method. Meanwhile, we conduct an user study to evaluate the quality of the summarized results. Moreover, the proposed method can be further extended to human attribute discovery for a given event. We automatically discover different aspects on our Olympic Games data (e.g. football, ice skating).