Thanks to the professional and hearty speakers and panelists for the AI forum in Innovex (a side event along with Computex 2017) including Dr. Eric Chang from Microsoft Research. Zane Moi from Amazon, Dr. Yurong Chen from Intel Research, andJeffrey Liu from IBM.

We had a fully packed afternoon in the main stage. The speakers and audiences are heated!

It’s my great honor to host the panel — “Adopting AI (Deep Learning) for Everyone — Challenges and Opportunities” and the speakers can accept our invitations with the great efforts from Eric Shiau, 楊櫻姿, and Gini Lin.

The panelists did give many insightful and informative advises for the industrial friends who are eager to work on AI products. We cover the issues in identifying opportunities, choosing technical components, team building, training data, computation resources, etc.

Also learn a lot from the speakers, the audiences, and the organizing team! Amazing event!

The high-quality video recording is here:

The 4 technical keynotes start from 3:50:30.
The panel starts at 5:54:20.


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