Proud to attend the NVIDIA AI Lab cross-team meet-up held in CVPR 2017 and have received the brand-new TESLA V100 GPUs in person from NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang.

利用CVPR 2017在夏威夷舉行,NVIDIA舉辦了跨國的NVIDIA AI Lab交流會。也很幸運成為第一批使用TESLA V100的實驗室。

Along with #CVPR2017, NVIDIA calls for the first cross-team meeting for the 18 NVIDIA AI Labs it supported in the past year. There are research teams from Berkeley, CAS, CMU, CUHK, DFKI, MIT, NTU, NYU, Oxford, Peking University, Stanford, Tsinghua, Univ of Washington, Università della Svizzera Italiana and SUPSI, Université de Montréal, University of Tokyo, University of Toronto, AI Institute Canada, etc.

It’s exciting to meet with and learn from so many outstanding research teams. It’s a further surprise for the appearance of NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang.

One more surprise! Jensen announced the first batch of the brand new GPU, TESLA V100, are delivered to the 18 AI teams — before the official release date. Then each PI is called up for receiving the award, which also has his own signature and the best wish in “Do Great AI“!

Note that our team had received the awards from NVIDIA since November 2016 including a DGX-1 supercomputer and multi-year unrestricted research fund.

We are proud in one of the NVIDIA AI Labs and are proud to be in #CVPR2017 for presenting two prominent papers.

The V100 includes 640 Tensor Cores, delivering 120 teraflops of deep learning performance; Volta provides a 5x improvement in peak teraflops over its predecessor Pascal, and 15x over the Maxwell architecture, launched just two years ago.


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